Criminal Defense

When you’re charged with a crime, your life, livelihood, and freedom are in jeopardy. Whether you are a one-time offender or you have a criminal record, you need a criminal defense attorney to represent you. Having legal counsel to help you navigate the choices you will be given can mean the difference between an acquittal and a life sentence. I will defend you against all criminal charges from drug and DUI charges to murder — and every crime in between. I have successfully defended clients in the past, winning both at trial and through negotiations with prosecutors.

Types of criminal defense cases I take

No matter the nature of your case, I will take the time to help you understand the severity of the charges and what the best course of action will be. I handle cases involving:

  • Murder
  • Violent Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • DUI Charges
  • Drug Charges

In most of these cases, I work in Genesee County. However, I work in the federal court system as well and will travel to my client if the situation requires it.

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A lot of criminal charges pose conditional issues such as chain of evidence (did the police properly bag and process the evidence they say they found?), conditional probability - the use of “if” in the opposing argument (i.e. If the defendant was at the gas station...), and arguments based on circumstantial evidence. In any of these cases, you will need an experienced criminal defense attorney to assess your situation and argue any conceptual issues on your behalf.

A good defense always starts with a good attorney. By providing legal counsel and using my knowledge and experience to build strategies, I am well-equipped to handle your case and defend your rights.

Determining the severity of criminal charges

Without an experienced criminal defense attorney, determining the severity of your crime can be difficult and inaccurate. However, it’s important to be aware that different crimes have different degrees of punishment. For example:

  • Sex crimes have four degrees of severity (1st degree is punishable up to life sentencing and 4th degree is punishable by up to 2 years imprisonment and/or fines).
  • Murder has three degrees of severity (1st degree/capital murder is punishable by up to life in prison and involuntary/voluntary manslaughter is punishable by up to 15 years in prison).

These examples are only to give you an idea of the varying degrees of punishment based on the severity of the crime and do not reflect actual sentencing models.

In any situation where you are charged with a crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney is the best way to determine the severity of your crime and to make sure all the facts of your case are evaluated. With my experience and knowledge of the criminal court, I can help you defend your name, your rights, and better your chances of a reduced sentence or an acquittal. Don’t waste time. Reach out to me today.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Flint, Michigan

Being charged with a crime can devastate your personal and professional life. A criminal charge can lead to being turned down for a job, landlords being unwilling to rent to you, and can negatively impact your family and social life. I can help you navigate a criminal charge and fight for your best interest. Give me a call today.