Civil Litigation

When a seemingly simple dispute becomes a serious problem, when your property has been damaged, when landlord/tenant issues cannot be resolved, or when you have been discriminated against, a civil litigation attorney is the best person to contact before filing a claim. Or if you have already filed a claim, a civil law attorney can help your case advance through the system and better your chances of a favorable outcome.

Common civil cases in the state of Michigan

A civil suit is filed when two parties, personal or business, cannot settle a dispute outside of the legal system. Whether the dispute is between individuals, businesses, or organizations, a civil litigation attorney is the best tool in defending your rights and securing your assets.  Among the most common civil suits filed in the state of Michigan are:

  • Small Claims
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Land Contract Forfeiture
  • Civil Infraction - Traffic
  • Civil Infraction - Non-Traffic
  • Vandalism and Property Damage
  • Wrongful discharge/wrongful termination
  • Civil rights violations
  • Acts of discrimination

I have handled similar cases to the ones above and obtained favorable outcomes for my clients. No matter your case, I have the experience and knowledge to help you.

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Where to file civil litigation cases

Where you file a civil case depends on the amount of the claim you’re filing. The guidelines below are to give you an idea of where to file your claim, but they are not a substitute for proper legal counsel:

  • For claims $25.00 or less, the case can be filed in the district court where the incident occurred or the district in which the defendant lives.
  • If the claim is more than $25.00, the case can be filed in the circuit court in where the incident occurred or where the defendant lives.
  • For disputes involving amounts of $5,500 or less, the defendant can choose to file the case with the small claims division. However, an attorney cannot represent you in small claims court unless you request the case be moved to the regular civil division.

If you do not know or are unsure of the value of your claim, I can help you determine and argue that value to the courts. Whenever you are fighting for your assets, your rights, or social justice, you need a skilled attorney to represent your case if you wish to achieve the best results.

Michigan’s laws against discrimination

In the state of Michigan, the civil rights guarantee law prohibits discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, and public service. You should contact a civil litigation attorney immediately if any of the following scenarios describe what has happened to you:

  • Fired without just cause
  • Received unequal payment
  • Refused for employment
  • Denied admission or services
  • Disciplined or expelled as a student without just cause
  • Denied housing without just cause or reason

It is as unfortunate as it is prevalent, but there are many other instances where discrimination plays a part in the wrongful treatment of others. In any case, involving civil rights, I can help. I believe in defending individuals’ rights and holding the government to the laws it has set in place to protect them from discrimination.

Whether you have been the victim of discrimination, are fighting to protect your assets, or are seeking justice or resolution in a dispute, act quickly. Reach out to me today.

Civil Litigation Lawyer in Flint, Michigan

Have your rights been violated? Are you going through a civil dispute? Has a contract been breached and you need legal advice? No matter your situation, my experience and knowledge of civil law can help you fight against injustice. Don’t hesitate to get legal representation to secure your best chance at winning your case. Call me today.